The fairgrounds is the largest in Southeast Europe with a total area of 352 000 square meters. It combines a comfortable base, up-to-date infrastructure and services that meet the highest standards in the exhibition industry and create a comfortable environment for the exhibitors.


The fairgrounds offers

  • excellent conditions for presentation of the companies and their products
  • attractive locations for expositions of all kinds of goods
  • demo zones for machinery in action
  • advertising spots for effective messages
  • full service for exhibitors and visitors
  • organizing events with a different profile


Zones Including
For expositions Total area: 139 549 m²
- covered exhibition area - 44 949 m² in nine pavilions
- open exhibition area - 94 600 m²
For contacts Congress Center with 8 halls
9 conference halls in the pavilions
Press Club
Vienna Pavilion for special events
For services Information and Services Center
information stations
four-star park hotel “Saint Petersburg”
parking lots – covered and open
For logistics Renting:
- warehouse area - 57 000 m²
- office area - 5000 m²
For relaxation Five parks, restaurants


The modern, functional and comfortable base provides opportunities for various spatial solutions and technical support, suitable for any kind of exhibitions, for corporate, public, sports and cultural events.


17 multifunctional pavilions have been built in International Fair Plovdiv, 9 of which are constantly used for exhibitions. Their construction allows to exhibit any kind of goods in the most appropriate way and to have separate sectors for seminars, demonstrations, presentations.


The available infrastructure makes it possible for spaces to be transformed for the organization of corporate, public, cultural and sports events along with the necessary services, including catering.


There are 11 open exposition areas in the fairgrounds. They are provided with all the necessary infrastructure – electricity, water, telephone, Internet and other amenities.


They are suitable for demo zones, attractions, large-size machinery, cars, yachts and boats, individual bungalows and company pavilions, as well as for sports competitions, concerts, parties and outdoor festivals.


Size and location of the exhibition zones – see here


The Congress Center provides everything necessary for the organization of corporate, public, cultural and sports events. It hosts every year more than 350 guest events.

Many exhibitors choose to complement their presentation with a variety of public initiatives in the halls of the Congress Center in order to achieve maximum marketing and image impact.


The Congress Center provides


  • comfortable environment – individual solutions for arrangement on request, air conditioning, various lighting options
  • technical means – sound system, audio and video recording, simultaneous translation, multimedia presentation system, plasma screens, etc.
  • amenities – coffee-break and catering areas, front desk for registration
  • expert consultations
  • event organizing and promotion services


Multifunctional base


  • 17 halls for permanent use in the Congress Center and in other pavilions
  • Press Club in the Congress Center
  • specially prepared exhibition pavilions that can be transformed for different events and have up to 2000 seats each
  • temporary halls during exhibitions
  • Vienna Pavilion for special events – official ceremonies, company and cultural events, weddings and private celebrations


More about the Congress Center - here


IF YOU WANT TO ORGANIZE AN EVENT - See the opportunities the Congress Center offers, HERE


There are attractive advertising spots in the fairgrounds, through which companies can generate interest in their stands and optimize their participation in the exhibitions.



  • You attract more visitors and potential clients
  • You promote your products in a prominent place
  • You make your brand recognizable to consumers
  • You increase your market presence beyond the exhibition



  • Exterior area – next to the Main entrance, along the pavilions, the open area and the pedestrian walkways
  • Interior area – in the halls of the Congress Center, in the pavilions
  • Special spaces, located adjacent to two of the busiest boulevards in the city



  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Showcases
  • Promotions and brochures


Additional informationhere.


There are conditions in the fairgrounds to form and equip demo zones where the technological and technical characteristics of different types of machines, cars and other transport vehicles are displayed in action.



  • Combining presentation techniques - information and demonstration
  • Better presentation of exhibits to potential clients
  • More successful market positioning of new models


How they look – see here


There is also a logistics zone in the fairgrounds where warehouses and offices are available for rent.

An office + showroom +warehouse combination is also available.



  • Easy access - located in the city center next to main boulevards
  • Fast connection to motorways, airport, intermodal terminal
  • Excellent storage conditions for different types of goods
  • Comfortable work environment – communications, parks, security



  • Area - 57 000 m²
  • Portal for TIR trucks, trucks and pickups
  • Staff and bathroom facilities



  • Wide range of locations
  • Area - 5000 m²
  • Various spatial solutions


Additional informationhere


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Rental of warehouses and offices

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