International Fair Plovdiv provides for rent covered and open exhibition area on its territory
    located in areas with modern infrastructure
    suitable for displaying any type of goods
    supplied with electricity, water and communication connections
    enabling the implementation of various design solutions

You can also use the option for renting stands and bungalows for events organized outside the fairgrounds.


The rental price includes also:
    a certain number of entrance cards
    presentation in the catalog and information system (company address, phone, fax, e-mail, up to two branches and text up to 50 characters)   
    presentation in the online catalog of the exhibitors on the website of International Fair Plovdiv  
    weekly update of information
    one free catalog for the event


    Each started square meter is considered to be a whole one
    If possible, the exhibitor may be provided with a two-sided, three-sided and four-sided open covered area upon written request and against payment according to the approved tariff.
    The rented area may be released from exhibits after closing the exhibition


If an exhibitor wishes to construct his stand/bungalow by himself or through outsourcing, the relations with International Fair Plovdiv are regulated by a special contract.  

    The person who constructs a stand or bungalow pays a construction fee according to the approved rate for each event.
    The fee covers the total cost for electricity, water, cleaning of common areas, waste removal, use of infrastructure, security and surveillance by the authorized services during the assembly and dismantling period.  
    The projects for the construction and layout of the stands and bungalows must be submitted for coordination with International Fair Plovdiv and a fee is paid for certification of the project according to the approved tariff of the event.   
    The technical and financial requirements for the projects are specified in the contract for the construction of exhibition structures.


The rented stands and bungalows are designed in two ways – with ready-made modules or in a non-standard way. Our architect, who has won many awards in the Design Competition, can design your exhibition.

Stand design with ready modular elements
    The faster construction of the stand is an advantage. The various combinations of modules allow to create an attractive vision according to the requirements of the customer.Stands with ready-made modular elements  – see here

Custom-made stand design
    The advantage of this option is the original design, which expresses the unique identity of the company and creates a suitable visual environment for the presentation of its products to stand out and attract the attention of the visitors.

Custom-made stands – see here


Design of a stand for events organized outside the fairgrounds
International Fair Plovdiv has a long-standing experience in the construction and design of exhibitions outside its territory, including the presentation of Bulgaria at EXPO world exhibitions.



    Sofia Motor Show    
    Bulterm – Sofia
    Green week – Berlin
    Wine&Spirits Fair - London
    Romania Fair
    EXPO 2005 – Aichi, Japan
    EXPO 2008 – Zaragoza, Spain
    EXPO 2010 – Shanghai, China


Exhibitors who would like to have water and sewage connection at the stand have to order them in advance.  
Types of water connection that can be provided:
    water connection for exhibits
    water connection without a cabinet and a sink
    water connection with a cabinet and a sink


The available electrical connections are for consumption
    up to 3 kW
    up to 5 kW
    up to 10 kW
    from 11 to 40 kW
    from 41 to 80 kW


Compressed air
For the demonstration of exhibits, compressed air can be supplied to the exhibition area  on request and against additional payment.
Water, electricity and compressed air connections may be requested through Form 10, which is in the “Participation Forms” section of the corresponding event. 


Not only the quality of the presented products is important for the successful participation in exhibition events, but also the overall vision of the stand. Besides design, equipment, furnishing and accessories are of great importance.


Exhibitors can avail themselves of additional communication and presentation facilities.


    multifunctional Alcatel 4400 PBX – audio conferencing, call transfer and forwarding, digital phone locking, access to voice mail, banking services, detailed call reporting, ISDN line for maximum good quality of the connection   
    digital phone line at the stand
    fax connection at the stand
    phone and fax machine for rent
    computer system
    router (wireless)
    Internet connection

Telecommunication services are requested through Form 5, which is in the “Participation Forms” section of the corresponding event.


Audio-visual equipment
    sound system
    multimedia presentation system
    visualization projectors – overhead projector, slide projector
    plasma displays
    CD and DVD players, VHS video player/recorder  



International Fair Plovdiv provides a mix of opportunities for presenting companies and their products. These include various types of advertising services that increase the impact of participation in the exhibitions.


    A variety of platforms: print, audio-visual and online
    Easy and fast ad request
    Affordable prices


Advertising in catalogs
    Audience -  reaching tens of thousands of managers and specialists
    Effect – the company stands out among the other participants in the event
    Options – printed and electronic


Advertising in open areas
    The most attractive locations of the fairgrounds are offered.
    The designated locations provide maximum visibility.
    Different visual projects can be implemented.
    It attracts the attention of most visitors.


Advertising on LED screen
This is the most modern advertising medium because the image has the qualities of television broadcasting.  


    attractive and effective advertising materials
    the full potential of audiovisual communication is exploited
    visibility from the boulevard with the busiest traffic in Plovdiv


Technical parameters
    playback of any kind of images
    exceptional quality even in direct sunlight
    automatic brightness adjustment
    35 billion color shades
    live broadcasting in real time
    area – 34 square meters


Advertising on the online platforms of IFP
    FAIR.BG website
    The Facebook profile of IFP
    The online catalog of the exhibitors FAIRINFO.FAIR.BG.

    large audience
    long-term impact
    opportunity for updating.


Exhibitors can also take advantage of the digital marketing tools that IFP uses to promote its activities.


Ad requests are made through Form 8, which is in the “Participation Forms” section of the corresponding event.



International Fair Plovdiv publishes an official catalog of each of the events it organizes.
    Scope – all companies that have applied for participation within the specified deadlines are included in it.
    Versions – in Bulgarian and in English.
    Electronic version – information for the exhibitors is also available through the online catalog FAIRINFO.FAIR.BG at:


Online catalog
The online catalog includes all the information submitted by the exhibitors participating in the various fair events. Search can be performed by different criteria: name, address, subject of activity, exhibits, branches.   

The online catalog can be used
    without registration – shows a list of the exhibitors, their location in the pavilion, branch of the nomenclature  
    with registration – users can:
           - see all the information submitted by the exhibitors
           - create a “My list” notebook with selected companies
           - send an inquiry or request a meeting during the event
           - save and edit their notes for specific companies
           - create and save specific searches to track changes
           - create their own list by downloading a pdf file of selected companies (up to 15);
           - receive updated information on preferred events


Promotional inclusion in the catalogs
All exhibitors, their sub-exhibitors and co-exhibitors are eligible for promotional inclusion in the catalogs with the following information:
    company name in Cyrillic and Latin
    address: street, postal code, city, country
    contact information: telephone, fax, e-mail, website  
    category: up to 2 branches of the event nomenclature
    presentation: text for the company activities up to 50 characters


The information is submitted through Form 2 “Catalog and Information System”, which is in the “Participation Forms” section for each event. If Form 2 is not submitted, information from Form 1 “Application Form” and Form 1B for sub- and co-exhibitors is entered.    


Additional opportunities for inclusion in the catalogs
Exhibitors can also use additional options for their presentation in the catalogs:
    additional textual information about the company in two languages;
    names of the exhibits to be displayed;
    representation in Bulgaria or additional addresses;
    additional branches;
    logo –  1) only in the printed catalog; 2) in the printed and in the online catalog;
    ad page – only in the printed catalog;
    advertising banner and/or presentation – only in the online catalog for 12 months.

Additional inclusion in the catalogs is applied for with Form 2, which is in the “Participation Forms” section for each event.  


Inclusion of companies, which are not exhibitors
Companies that do not participate in the corresponding event are also allowed to be included in the catalogs of IFP. However, they are not eligible for promotional inclusion and the information (name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail, website) is paid for according to the number of characters.    



International Fair Plovdiv is striving to maintain complete, accurate and accessible databases for the exhibitors in order to promote their participation in events among the visitors and the business community.


Information banks
    Printed catalog
It can be purchased from the information stations or ordered for delivery (via courier company “Evropat”, cash on delivery). This applies also to catalogs of past events to meet the considerable interest in the information included in them about companies operating in a wide range of industries.  
    Online catalog
The information provided by the exhibitors is also published online at  FAIRINFO.FAIR.BG

Provision of information about exhibitors
Excerpts from the exhibitors database are provided for a fee according to the requested criteria. Requests are submitted in writing by e-mail and fax.


Information Stations
During the exhibitions information about the participants and their location (pavilion and/or open area, number of stand) can be found at:
    The Information Stations
    Services and Information Center.


Services and Information Center
The Services and Information Center offers additional facilitations for the exhibitors and visitors during the fair events:
    printing  (black and white)
    copy  (black and white)
    stamping of business trips
    faxing at home and abroad
    Internet access  (wired and wireless)


Advertising and information materials
Information and advertising materials are published at the website of each event, which can be downloaded and used by the companies and by media:
    a list of the novelties presented by the participants
    a list of the exhibits awarded in the competitions
    map of the exhibition
    other information materials
    advertising logos and banners


The specialized freight forwarding and custom clearance service offers various services to foreign exhibitors or their forwarders.


Forwarding processing
    Loading operations from the vehicle to the stand (customs warehouse) or vice versa
    Additional services for the arrangement of exhibits on a stand
    Transport and storage of packaging
    Organizing return transport of exhibits or transporting them to other destinations
    Organization of transport to and from abroad and mediation in the insurance of articles


Customs processing
    Arrangement of regular or temporary import – the fair administration guarantees temporary import in front of the customs for exhibits arriving at the address of International Fair Plovdiv  
    Arrangement of export after closing the exhibition
    Settlement of formalities for the storage of exhibits under customs control and their transportation to a customs warehouse
    Ensuring the presence of an emergency commissioner in the event of damage or missing exhibits – at the client's request.
    Consultations on forwarding services and customs formalities for fairs and exhibitions abroad  


    The forwarding and customs services are performed according to the approved “Conditions and requirements for forwarding and customs processing of shipments for the fairs and exhibitions held in Plovdiv”.
    The services are provided by International Fair Plovdiv and/or its authorized forwarding company.
    The services are paid for at a separate tariff (Annex to Form 16) valid for all events.
    Loading and unloading operations of fair goods (exhibits, stand material, etc.) are not allowed to be carried out independently by the exhibitors with their own or rented mechanical equipment (cranes, hoists, etc.).  
    The taking of exhibits under customs control outside the fairgrounds is only possible with the permission of the customs authorities.



Interpreters, support staff
Support staff may be provided at the stand at the customer's request:
    professional interpreter
    interpreter receptionist
    stand assistant, waitress
    skilled workers
    laborers (cleaning women)
    security (guard)


    Included in the price – general security of the fairgrounds
    Alarm installation and stand security – extra charge


Parking lots

There are more than 1300 parking spaces in the fairgrounds:
    over 730 – in the new modern multi-storey covered parking lot;
    over 100 – in the open parking lot in front of Pavilion 10;
    480 – in the three sections along the Maritsa River.    

    In the periods of the exhibitions
    At any time outside the exhibitions
    Permanent spaces in the covered parking lot


Renting exhibition area

Commercial Director
Milena Todorova
Tel.: 0035932902373
Fax: 0035932902517


Commercial Department
Tel: 0035932902180
Fax: 0035932902432


Design and construction of exhibitions

Technical Director
Ventsislav Zemlyakov
Tel.: 0035932902195
Fax: 0035932902273


Architect Todor Vasiliev
Tel.: 0035932902881
Fax: 0035932902273


A request for furniture is submitted to the organizer of the event or by e-mail


Telecommunications, audio-visual equipment
IT Department
Tel: 0035932903322


Maria Milanova
Tel.: 0035932902377


Catalog and information system
Zahari Karadzhov
Tel.: 003593290214


Services and Information Center
Tel.: 0035932902455
Location: Pavilion 7, East entrance


Forwarding services
Tel.: 0035932902477
Fax: 0035932962043


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