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International Fair Plovdiv is among the leaders of the exhibition industry in Southeast Europe. It organizes multi-branch and specialized business forums, including the national participation and presentation of Bulgaria at several world exhibitions.

With its extensive experience, a team of highly qualified experts and international prestige, International Fair Plovdiv creates excellent marketing opportunities for companies with different profiles and development goals.



  • Slogan: “We create new opportunities”
  • Logo – a stylized image of the globe, represented as a dove, the symbol of peace; this expresses the desire for contacts with businesses around the world.


Key data (for a year)

  • 40 exhibition events
  • over 8000 participants from 60 countries
  • nearly 250 000 visitors from Bulgaria and Europe
  • about 350 business, social, cultural and sports events


Others about us

  • “There are only a few well-developed exhibition centers on the Balkan Peninsula and International Fair Plovdiv is the most important of them.” (Franz Reisbeck, Secretary General of the Central European Fair Alliance CEFA)
  • “International Fair Plovdiv invests in modern services and in infrastructure to maintain its strong position in Southeast Europe,” (Arie Brienen, President of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI)



Our tradition has been developing since 1892. Then the first Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition was organized, the successor of which is International Fair Plovdiv.

For the beginning of the exhibition business in Bulgaria – see here


In the 1930s of the twentieth century the fair in Plovdiv acquired the status of a National Exhibition Center of Bulgaria and was accepted as a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the most prestigious global organization in the industry. Since then, its development has continued to be very active and always in line with global trends to establish itself today as one of the leaders in Southeast Europe.

For the history of International Fair Plovdiv – see here


Main advantages

International Fair Plovdiv is a reliable partner for presentation, development and internationalization of every company because it offers:

  • professionalism in the organization of exhibitions
  • comfortable and functional infrastructure
  • modern services and equipment
  • a variety of marketing tools
  • communication, advertising and presentation platforms
  • intensive contacts with business clients and consumers
  • know-how for exhibition models that bring together innovation, expertise and potential for the development of companie


Given facts

  • Strategic location in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, in the East – West contact area – this provides opportunities for partnership between companies in the two global regions
  • Promising business destination – Plovdiv is the center of the Thracian Economic Zone, the fastest growing industrial region of Bulgaria and the Balkans


Interesting locations

Exhibitors and visitors can take advantage of the exciting leisure opportunities that Plovdiv offers:

  • the longest pedestrian urban area in Europe – approximately 2 km
  • district of creative industries with restaurants and art studios
  • an open-air museum with the remains of several civilizations in the 70-century-old city
  • rich cultural life throughout the year
  • sports – Rowing channel, sports bases, fitness clubs, bicycle lanes
  • entertainment – bars, clubs, discos, casinos and more
  • tourism – mountains, SPA resorts, historical landmarks nearby


The biggest exhibitions

They are among the leading business forums in Southeast Europe.


    It includes 5 specialized exhibitions:

    AUTO CITY PLOVDIV – cars, transport, equipment

    ENECO – power engineering, ecology, chemistry, water management

    INFOTECH – information and digital technologies

    MACHINE BUILDING – machines, technologies, robotic systems, automation

    STROYTECH – construction equipment, electrical engineering, tools, materials, technologies

  • AGRA – International Agricultural Exhibition
  • VINARIA – International Exhibition of Vine Growing and Wine Producing
  • FOODTECH – International Exhibition of Food & Drinks, Packaging, Machines and Technologies
  • HEMUS – International Exhibition of Defense Equipment and Counterterrorism
  • NATURE, HUNTING, FISHING – International Exhibition of Hunting, Fishing and Eco-tourism, Environmental Protection, Green Economy
  • MEDICUS, DENTO, GALENIA М – International Exhibition of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutics


Unique exhibition events

  • Megaforum for Agribusiness, Wine and Food – it is unique on the Balkans and includes four specialized exhibitions
  • European Forum for Social Entrepreneurship – it is unique in the European Union and includes a Fair of Enterprises and Cooperatives in Social Economy and international conferences
  • International Fair “Young Entrepreneur” – it presents training companies for high school and university students, connecting education with business


Key data about the biggest exhibitions – see here


Other business forums

International Fair Plovdiv organizes other exhibition events as well, presenting a wide range of industries and covering all major markets.


Accompanying events

A program of conferences, seminars, discussions, presentations and other events is realized within the framework of the individual exhibitions.


Event hosting

International Fair Plovdiv also hosts corporate, social, cultural and sports events organized by companies, government institutions and NGOs.

It is a preferred place for hosting them because of its modern base and high level of the services it provides.


International Fair Plovdiv focuses its activities on marketing support for businesses, so companies can expand their markets and activities.



Focus is laid on specialized trade fairs, which is the modern trend in the global fair industry. Trade fairs that share common marketing interests and complement each other are held at the same time, business events and attractions for the visitors are combined. This gives exhibitors a better chance of finding new clients and partners.



In recent years flexible exhibition solutions have also been implemented – thematic areas and specialized sections aimed at showing a particular sector in order to highlight its presence within the framework of the business forum. Demo zones are also successfully implemented, where machines and equipment are shown into action to manifest their qualities.



We are striving to provide conditions that fit the individual profile of each company and affirm its uniqueness. Thus, each exhibitor can find the most suitable form for the presentation of its company in order to achieve better market positioning.



Infrastructure, exhibition services and marketing tools are constantly updated to maximize the impact of participation in events.


The new dimension of the fair industry

A distinctive feature of a successful exhibition is its ability to bring markets and people together in an effective and professional manner. Fairgrounds are called “contact brokers” today because of their primary mission – to connect.


Our approach

Whether you are an exhibitor, visitor or organizer of exhibitions and events, we can provide you with everything you need to accomplish your project and create your network of like-minded people, partners and customers.

We offer complex solutions according to the specifics of each event.


What we can do to expand your contacts – see here




Our partners are looking for a platform for professional exchange, promising business relations and cooperation with large associations. We offer them an effective exhibition model that addresses today's and tomorrow's business needs., supported by our extensive partner network.

It includes the following:

  • the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)
  • the Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA)
  • the International Exhibition Statistics Union (CENTREX)/li>
  • 37 representative offices in Europe and Asia
  • 25 fair organizations from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
  • over 60 business associations, foundations and agencies in Bulgaria


Information about our partner network – see here



The established contacts with strategic business partners contribute to the following:

  • increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad
  • activation of contacts between companies from Bulgaria and the world
  • organizing more successful fair events.


In the era of communication, International Fair Plovdiv uses effectively these advantages to be more useful to its customers.

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