from: 09 March 2022

to: 13 March 2022

Tasted of Italia - Exhibition of high quality italian food and wineses


SAPORI D'ITALIA (TASTES FROM ITALY) is an exhibition for food, wellness and health. It allows connoisseurs to feel the charm of the famous Italian cuisine, presented by leading producers and traders.
The event showcases products that combine tradition and innovation to meet changing customer requirements.

It is a forum for successful business contacts, offers B2B meetings and direct meetings with users. The sustainable development of the exhibition is the reason why every year, new companies present their products for the first time on the Bulgarian market and find their place on it.


TASTES FROM ITALY presents trends in technology and marketing of health and organic foods and beverages in workshops organized jointly with the University of Food Technologies.

The stands of the exhibition are arranged within the City of Wine and Delicacies along with those of the prestigious international exhibitions VINARIA (vine-growing and winemaking) and FOODTECH (food industry).


The 17th edition of TASTES FROM ITALY once again presents a tempting spectacle of tastes created by the Italian culinary tradition: different types of cheese, meat specialties, pastries, canned vegetables, olives and olive oil, wine, gourmet delicacies, a wide and varied range of products suitable for a healthy Mediterranean diet.


Organizer: Bulgarian Fair Service
Partners: Italian-Bulgarian Business Association, Centro Studi di Leonardo, Il Sud Convince (Sicily), University of Food Technologies of Plovdiv, Ivan Vazov Language School of Plovdiv, Euro Sviluppo, Italian-Bulgarian Food Consortium, Alpetrans Bulgaria Ltd


TASTES FROM ITALY 2020 - key figures:
•    participants - 30 direct exhibitors
•    visitors - approximately 42 000 from Bulgaria and Europe
•    focus - Mediterranean diet


Major exhibition categories
•    Organic products
•    Wine
•    Confectionery
•    Olive oil
•    Coffee, tea and cocoa
•    Canned food
•    Viticulture
•    Marketing and consulting
•    Marmalade and jams
•    Fruit and vegetables, nuts
•    Restaurant and bar equipment
•    Sweets and pastries
•    Commerce
•    Foodstuffs

TASTES FROM ITALY is part of the only forum on the Balkans for agriculture, wine, food and equipment together with the prestigious exhibitions AGRA for agriculture, VINARIA for vine-growing and winemaking and FOODTECH for the food industry. It showcases the latest generation of technologies, equipment, products and services throughout the supply chain from the field to the table. It offers an efficient platform for business and advertising as it attracts thousands of professional visitors. Every year, approximately 700 companies from more than 30 countries take part in the forum.




International Competition "Consumers' Choice"
The winners are ranked based on the ratings of visitors who have tasted products in the city of Wine and Delicacies.


International Competition "New Product on the Bulgarian Market"
It distinguishes products from the exhibitions FOODTECH, VINARIA and TASTES FROM ITALY. The goal is to support the market debut of high-quality food and drinks supplied by Bulgarian and international companies. The panel that determines the winners comprises experts and representatives of international chains of stores.
Partner: University of Food Technologies of Plovdiv


National Design Competition
Categories: 1) Expositions; 2) Packaging, labels, advertising materials
The awards are given to architects, graphic designers and the companies they worked for.
Partner: National Association for Design and Advertising



     The exhibition gives manufacturers and traders the opportunity for:
•    promotion of food, drinks and delicacies
•    presentation of technology and equipment
•    creating successful business contacts
•    direct meetings with consumers
•    opportunities for contacts with distributors



Held - from 23 to 27 February 2022
•    working time for exhibitors: 08.00-19.00 h
•    open for visitors: 09.00-18.00 h, on the last day – till 14.00 h


Applications for participation – till 10 December 2021


Installation – 15 calendar days before the opening
•    working time: 08.00-17.00 h
•    two days before the opening: 08.00-21.00 h


Dismantling – 7 calendar days after the closing
•    working time: 08.00-17.00 h


Inclusion in the printed catalog – till 14 January 2022


Inclusion in the online catalog – the online catalogue is updated on a weekly basis until the opening of the event.


The services cover the activities related to the preparation, holding and termination of the participation.  


For additional information – see the “Services/Exhibition Services” Section 


Professionals of the food industry and the catering sector are given opportunities:
•    to meet the Italian culinary and wine tradition
•    to taste traditional products and delicacies
•    for direct contacts with producers and vendors
•    to purchase original Italian products
•    to increase their professional qualification



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Tanya Zemlyakova

Telephone: +359 32/902 311

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 555 363



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