from: 30 March 2022

to: 03 April 2022

Specialized exhibition of flowers


The specialized exhibition of flowers, ornamental plants, garden equipment and supplies FLOWER SPRING focuses on innovations and trends in floristics, fruit growing, landscaping and landscape design. It reflects the entire chain from crop production to sales. It offers innovative and affordable solutions, demonstrating products and services of the highest quality.
The exhibition has been held since 1998 and is constantly expanding its scope to enable companies from various industries to present themselves to more than 20,000 visitors.


FLOWER SPRING and green trends
FLOWER SPRING reveals the dynamics of one of the green economic sectors, which has been growing rapidly over the last years. It can be of use for the construction industry in the decoration of various types of buildings and in landscaping. The exhibition presents the fashionable trend of eco accents in homes, offices, country houses, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses. It helps improve the cityscape with more natural elements. It helps farmers with the diversity of fruit trees and planting material for fruit and vegetable crops.


FLOWER SPRING: professional and hobby solutions
Characterized by the wide range of products, the exhibition presents different varieties of flowers, seedlings and seeds, ornamental shrubs and trees, exotic and traditional plants, fruit trees, herbs and spices, garden equipment and supplies. They are of interest for hobby farmers, for those who create miniature gardens in their homes, and for landscaping public spaces.
This is the reason why FLOWER SPRING is a pole of attraction for professional and amateur garden lovers.



Major exhibition categories
•    Traditional and exotic flowers
•    Ornamental shrubs
•     Tree species – fruit trees
•     Seeds, seedlings, bulbs
•     Garden tools and equipment
•     Plant protection chemicals and fertilizers
•     Flower pots, ceramic products and accessories for floriculture
•     Handmade wooden products – souvenirs, dishes, decoration
•    Organic products
•    Specialized editions



    “Flower Spring” is held parallel with the following:  

  • International Exhibition “Nature, Hunting, Fishing”
  • Italian Festival of Beauty and Hair Style
  • European Forum of Social Entrepreneurship
  • International Cynology Exhibitions

    The events are united by the concept of the project
    Days of the family, leisure time, hobby and fashion,
    which is developing in an upward direction because
•    it shows current trends, products and services;
•    it builds a successful combination of business and attractions;
•    it attracts over 20 000 visitors from different user groups. 



The exhibition is the right place for producers and vendors offering:

  • traditional and exotic flowers
  • ornamental shrubs and trees
  • fruit trees, seeds and seedlings, bulbs
  • tools and equipment
  • plant protection products and fertilizers
  • pots, ceramics and accessories
  • handicrafts and organic products



•    Presence before a motivated audience
•    Entering a dynamic and rapidly growing market
•    Direct marketing with different target groups
•    Ideas and partnerships for business development


Visitor profile
•    Landscaping professionals
•    Farmers
•    Home gardeners
•    The general public


International Fair Plovdiv has developed a dynamic model to attract target groups of visitors using:
•    advertising in electronic, printed and online media
•    partnerships with national and specialized media
•    digital marketing on social networks and via email
•    presenting exhibitors in its own channels on the Internet and Facebook


FLOWER SPRING is a significant and renowned event where professionals and amateurs meet with producers and vendors to find a wide variety of products and services, ideas and solutions.


The exhibition is useful for:
•    farmers and owners of small farms
•    landscaping professionals
•    restaurant, guesthouses and hotels owners
•    construction companies
•    home gardeners


For professional visitors:
•    New opportunities for cooperation with leading companies
•    Rich exposition of plants, flowers, equipment and services in the garden sector
•    Information about the latest trends and developments
•    Useful meetings with experts for the development of one’s own business



For amateurs
•    Discovering new products and services
•    Purchase of hobby equipment and supplies
•    Free advice from experts
•    Interesting parallel events for the whole family



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