International Exhibition of Training Companies


The Fair of Training Firms TF FEST is the only competition according to profession in Bulgaria with foreign participation. High school students and university students compete in it. “Bridge between School and Business” is part of the project.
 The event is approved as an international event by the European Commission and evaluated as an example of good practice in entrepreneurship training, innovative thinking and creativity.                                                                                                           The forum presents the results of integrated training in economics, information technologies, business administration and foreign languages. It is held in accordance with the rules adopted by the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network EUROPEN-PEN International. The participants in the exhibition show their competence in a real business environment by negotiating, making deals, presenting products and services when only payments are fictitious.



The program of the fair includes:
•    Direct trade negotiations and deals
•    Exchange of experience
•    Presentation of training enterprises
•    Annual meeting of the Bulgarian Youth Business Leaders Forum
•    Annual awards of the Corporate Social Responsibility Academy  
•    Competitions
•    GLOBAL ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE in English and in French


TF FEST 2019 – in short
•    Exhibitors – 117 training enterprises at secondary schools and universities
•    Participants - over 800  
•    Countries – 7: Bulgaria, Albania, Armenia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia 


TF FEST is a well-established and important forum that is very popular not only in Bulgaria but throughout the Balkan Peninsula. It plays a very important role in creating, developing and maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit of young people as it enables them to test their competencies in real business conditions and gain experience that will be useful for their future development. Its 23rd edition continues the rich tradition of promoting future entrepreneurs and managers. 


Organizer:  Bulgarian Center of Training Firms (BCTF) at the Ministry of Education and Science    
Partners: International Fair Plovdiv, Association “Bulgarian Training Central”, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, Patent Office, companies and NGOs   






The International Global Enterprise Challenge Competition tests the skills of participants in training enterprises to solve practical business cases, posed by operating companies. The participants present their solutions in English and in French.

 The prestigious competition is held in Bulgaria for the third time. Its 9th edition will be held within the framework of TF FEST 2020 on 22 April.
It is realized by  the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network EUROPEN-PEN International and BCTF in partnership with the International Organization of La Francophonie.


Key exhibition categories, in which the training firms are working:
•    finance and insurance;  
•    cosmetics;
•    jewelry;
•    manufacture of clothing;
•    food and drinks;
•    gifts and souvenirs;
•    organizing events;
•    tourism;
•    advertising;
•    information technology and equipment;
•    cars and transport;
•    education;
•    others.


•    for a stand
•    for team and professional service
•    for catalog and advertising materials
•    for a website
•    for presentation
•    for complex presentation
•    for the best bank
•    for protection f intellectual property
•    for cooperation with a company mentor
•    for a young accountant
•    for a decent taxpayer
•    for digital marketing
•    for Miss and Mr TF FEST.

Center for training companies

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International Fair Plovdiv

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