The International Technical Fair is one of the most established brands in the exhibition industry in Southeast Europe, a key forum for business contacts and a starting point for emerging markets. It presented the most promising trends in modern economy with the exhibitions of innovative technologies, machines and modern solutions for industry and home.

Its 76th edition will offer even more opportunities for the effective presentation of companies and their products, as well as a number of privileges for participants.




A gateway to Industry 4.0

The International Technical Fair is a demonstration center for the directions in which Industry 4.0 is developing and it outlines the directions for successful business projects.The most prestigious technological meeting on the Balkans is a useful forum for both, exhibitors and visiting specialists.


A gateway to new markets

With the innovations it demonstrates, the International Technical Fair attracts about 30 000 visitors annually – mainly managers and specialists from across Europe. Thus the largest business event in Bulgaria becomes a center for interregional cooperation, for investment and trade contacts that help participants expand their activities and markets.



Key industries
Manufacturers and distributors in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, power engineering and ecology, information and digital technologies, robotics and automation, machine building, construction, chemical industry, the water sector, transport and auto-service equipment, automotive industry and business services take part in the International Technical Fair.  

They are presented within the framework of five specialized exhibitions:
      AUTO CITY PLOVDIV – cars, transport, equipment   
     ENECO – power engineering, ecology, chemistry, water management
     INFOTECH – information and digital technologies
     MACHINE BUILDING – machinery, technology, robots, robotic systems, automation
     STROYTECH – construction equipment, electrical engineering, materials, tools, technologies


International Innovative Products Competition  
It is held in the following categories:

  •     Machine building, robotic systems
  •     Electronics and electrical engineering, information and digital technologies, telecommunications, office equipment
  •     Transport and auto service equipment
  •     Energy and ecology, technology and water management, chemical industry
  •     Construction
  •     Other

The winners are awarded gold medal – the highest market award in Bulgarian industry.   


International Design Competition  
It is held in the following categories:

  •     Exhibition design
  •     Industrial product
  •     Packaging

Partner: National Association of Design and Advertising

International Fair Poster Competition
The competition, which is unique in the world, demonstrates the development of graphic design and visual solutions for exhibiting.  
Partner: Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).



  • Presentation to motivated users
  • Special privileges and bonuses for the exhibitors
  • Establishment of promising business contacts
  • Organization of image-making and advertising events
  • Opportunity to build an attractive stand


Profile of the visitors

Entrepreneurs, managers and specialists – over 83%

Foreign business delegations and organized groups

An increasing number of young people under the age of 30


Goals of the visit:


  • Getting oriented in new trends – 81.3%
  • Survey of offers – 40.5%
  • Establishing new business contacts – 35.1%
  • Study of competition – 27.8%
  • Other – 3.5%


International Fair Plovdiv has developed a dynamic model for attracting target groups of visitors through:

  • advertising in electronic, printed and online media
  • partnership with national and specialized media
  • digital marketing on social networks and via email
  • presenting exhibitors in their own channels on the Internet and Facebook


The participants in the International Technical Fair have the following additional opportunities, provided by the organizers:

  • Bonuses – for consecutive participation and for advance payment
  • Exhibitor's evening – Official cocktail on the occasion of the opening of the Technical Fair
  • Free entrance cards to the fairgrounds
  • Free access to Wi-Fi at the fairgrounds
  • “Report troubleshooting” option
  • Free access to your business partners after registration
  • Purchase of discount tickets for orders over 20 tickets
  • Participation in the Gold Medal Competition, which is the highest market award for innovative products in Bulgaria
  • Participation in the Design Competition for a Fair Exhibition, Product and Packaging
  • Opportunity to be included in messages to the media and other forms of communication after submitting information to the press center
  • Assistance in organizing and promoting events and demonstrations
  • Establishment of demo zones, where machinery and equipment can be put into action to better present their qualities.


Held from 14 to 19 September 2020 
    working time for exhibitors: 08.00-19.00 h
    open for visitors: 09.00-18.00 h, on the last day – till 14.00 h

Working hours during the assembly period and dismantling period:
assembly period 29.08.–10.09. from 8.00 to 17.00 hrs
                        11–12.09. from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs
                        13.09. from 8.00 to 21.00 hrs
dismantling period 20.09.–01.10. from 8.00 to 17.00 hrs
As an exception, International Fair Plovdiv may authorize an extension of the
time against payments as per the Rates.

Inclusion in the printed catalog  – till 24 July 2020
Inclusion in the online catalog – till 11 September 2020


International Fair Plovdiv rents covered and/or open exhibition area – stand/bungalow with standard construction or non-standard custom-made stands.
To hire a stand/bungalow it is necessary to fill in Form 3.

Gallery - non-standard custom-made stand

The rental of the exhibition area covers 15 calendar days prior to the opening (6 September is a national holiday), the duration and 12 days after the
closing of the event.   

The rent of a stand/bungalow includes also:

  •     general security,common electricity and water costs, cleaning of common areas, use of infrastructure, waste disposal;
  •     a certain number of entrance cards for exhibitors;
  •     inclusion in the catalog and information system (company address, telephone, fax, email, Internet address, up to 2 branches and up to 50 characters text information), publishing in the exhibitors' online catalog and weekly updating of the information in the catalog.  

The rental price of the stand/bungalow does not include water connection and water consumption, which are ordered and paid for in addition.  

For additional information: Form 3 – rent for a stand/bungalow

Additional information – in section “Services, rent for stands and bungalows



The services cover the activities related to the preparation, holding and termination of the participation.
    Full service to create a stand – architectural design, construction, equipment, furnishing, spatial layout  
    Construction of a non-standard custom-made stand
    Exhibitor's gateway – access to useful information and to the online catalog, sending invitations to visitors and getting registration codes, providing free entrance  
    Telecommunication services, audio-visual equipment  
    A mix of advertising and presentation forms – offline and online
    Organization of events in the halls of the Congress Center  
    Forwarding and customs processing
    Security; parking areas with over 1300 indoor and outdoor spaces

For additional information – in the “Services/Exhibition Services” section



The exhibitor receives entrance cards depending on the declared area:
Rented area      Number of cards
Up to 20 sq m             5
Up to 50 sq m           10
Up to 100 sq m         15
Up to 200 sq m         20
Up to 500 sq m         25
Over 500 sq m          30

Additional cards are issued against payment. The entrance card is individual and can not be passed on to another person.




  • Getting to know the avant-garde industry live
  • Guidance to fundamental changes in the business world
  • Information about new products, services and offers
  • Business meetings with representatives of leading companies
  • Study of competition and markets
  • Opportunity to visit art events from the program of Plovdiv as European Capital of Culture


Exhibitor's profile

  • Trade – with the largest share
  • Production – the second largest group
  • Services and engineering
  • R&D
  • New participants – an average of 30% each year
  • Companies offering complete consumer solutions


Accompanying program

Specialists can make their visit more effective by visiting events from the accompanying program that average 35 each year.

Main topics:

  • Innovations from and for Industry 4.0
  • Growth of business and new models
  • Finance and investments
  • International relations and markets


AUTO CITY PLOVDIV - cars, transport, equipment

Vasya Mihailova

Telephone: +359 32 902 484

Mobile Telephone: +359 887 228 834


ENECO - power engineering, ecology, chemistry, water management

Daniela Gozmanova

Telephone: +359 32 902 143

Mobile Telephone: +359 896 500 023


INFOTECH - information and digital technologies

Tanya Zemlyakova

Telephone: +359 32 902 311

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 555 363


MACHINE BUILDING - machinery, technology, robots, automation

Silvia Hristova

Telephone: +359 32 902 180

Mobile Telephone: +359 887 220 076


STROYTECH - construction equipment, electrical engineering, materials, tools, technologies

Vasil Chinov

Telephone: +359 32 902 330

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 733 266



Tanya Zemlyakova

Telephone: +359 32 902 311

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 555 363



Zahari Karadzhov

Telephone: +359 32 902 141

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 898 835



Maria Milanova

Telephone: +359 32 902 377

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 787 587


AUTO CITY PLOVDIVInternational Exhibition of Cars, Transport, Equipment

AUTO CITY PLOVDIV is one of the most visited exhibitions within the framework of the International Technical Fair. It shows the wide range of vehicles covering the interests of various consumer groups, cargo and specialized vehicles, auto service equipment and spare parts.


In 2020 a SPECIAL BUSINESS EDITON is organized, which creates the conditions for more effective presentation of models for different purposes in the field of trade, services, small and medium enterprises, industry.



There is a Test Drive Zone within the exhibition where the technological and technical characteristics of the vehicles are demonstrated.


Major exhibition categories

  • Cars
  • Buses and minibuses
  • Cargo vehicles
  • Specialized vehicles
  • Automotive spare parts and accessories, trailers
  • Oil and lubricants
  • Tuning of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Equipment and products for petrol and LPG stations
  • Garage and auto service equipment
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Commercial activities, including online stores

ENECOInternational Exhibition of Power Engineering, Ecology, Chemistry, Water Management

The International Specialized Exhibition ENECO outlines the trends in green economy by presenting innovations in power engineering and ecology, the chemical industry and the water sector. It enables companies to showcase their products to a wide range of users.The number of exhibitors increases every year as they find new clients in industry, the public sector and in households.




FOCUS – innovations

  • to reduce energy costs in industry and in households
  • to limit the harmful effects on environment
  • for quality and safety of chemical products
  • for water purification








  • Technologies, equipment and appliances for environmental protection
  • Products and materials for application in ecology
  • Treatment plants
  • Environmental parameters monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Sewage treatment and reuse
  • Maintaining the purity of air
  • Environmental pollution abatement equipment and installations
  • Sanitary and disinfection systems



  • Bioenergy, renewable energy sources, secondary energy resources
  • Energy efficiency, energy conversion
  • Power generation
  • Technologies and equipment for production and consumption of energy resources
  • Technologies, systems and materials for power engineering
  • Refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating equipment
  • Local heating appliances, boilers
  • Equipment for heating large premises



  • Inorganic chemical products
  • Organic synthesis products and semi-products
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Cleaning agents and detergents
  • Rubber products, plastics and plastic products
  • Industrial dyes and additives
  • Laboratory equipment, devices and materials
  • Machinery and equipment for the chemical industry



  • Technologies and equipment for water treatment and purification
  • Installations, infrastructure facilities
  • Water supply and sewage equipment , tools and accessories
  • Machinery for detecting water supply piping defects
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Measurement, regulation and control systems

INFOTECHInternational Exhibition of Information and Digital Technologies

The International Specialized Exhibition INFOTECH demonstrates smart solutions for the industry and everyday life, achievements of artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0. It presents companies from the dynamically developing information and digital technology sector and it is a kind of “zone of the future” with the cutting-edge products it displays and promotes on the market.




FOCUS – digitalization of industry, education and lifestyle.




  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Internet solutions and services
  • Communications
  • Data exchange and text communication
  • Video and radio communications, multimedia
  • Office equipment and consumables
  • Bank equipment
  • Global communication systems (GPS, GPRS)
  • Wireless phones
  • Services

MACHINE BUILDINGInternational Exhibition of Machines, Technologies, Robots, Robotic Systems, Automation

The international Exhibition MACHINE BUILDING is the biggest within the framework of the Technical Fair. It presents innovative technologies, machines, tools, precision robots with various applications and automated systems, metallurgical equipment and new products, research and development, training methods for specialists and modern business models. This makes it a platform for the avant-garde industry.



There is an agro-technology section within the framework of the exhibition, which allows for the presentation of companies, offering agricultural equipment.

The event is preferred by specialists as a center for information and know-how.



FOCUS – the development of Industry 4.0







  • Metal-cutting and metal-working machines
  • Machine Building technologies and know-how
  • Tooling equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Machinery for light industry
  • Machines for plastics processing
  • Lifting gear
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Storage systems and warehouse equipment
  • Control and automation equipment
  • Laser equipment
  • Engineering




  • Technologies for metallurgy and foundry
  • Machinery and equipment for metallurgy
  • Machinery and equipment for foundries
  • Machinery and equipment for flotation and smelting
  • Metallurgical furnaces
  • Castings




  • Industrial robots
  • Mobile robots
  • Household robots
  • Instructional robots
  • Robots for games and entertainment
  • Nanorobotics
  • Robotic systems and components for them
  • Research and development
  • Training of specialists
  • Service
  • Commercial activities, including online stores

STROYTECHInternational Exhibition of Construction Equipment, Electrical Engineering, Materials, Tools, Technologies

The International Exhibition STROYTECH is the largest business forum for construction on the Balkans. It shows technologies, machines, tools and materials for the building of different types of objects, electrical appliances and electronics, interior design. It covers all aspects of the construction industry and the electrical industry, so it is preferred by the visiting specialists and the consumers.



There are specialized zones within the framework of the exhibition: for heavy construction machinery; for demonstration of equipment in operation; for presenting real estate and investment projects.



FOCUS - modern building systems and hybrid machinery






  • Types of construction
  • Construction machinery and mechanization
  • Construction tools and materials
  • Prefabricated construction units
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Components, materials and equipment for buildings
  • Excavators and dredging equipment
  • Road-construction machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Surveying instruments
  • Construction chemistry
  • Software products for the construction industry
  • Construction services
  • Service equipment for construction sites



  • Electrical materials
  • Electronic components
  • Electronic measuring devices
  • Electric and magnetic measuring devices
  • Monitoring and automation
  • Automatic production process control systems
  • Security systems
  • Electrical tools and machines
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical devices and aggregates
  • Household electronics
  • Lightning, atmospheric and surge protection
  • Insulation materials
  • Lighting equipment
  • SMD & TH assembly
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Accumulators and batteries, chargers

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